Schedule a Field Trip

Museum Field Trips

boy using hand mixerAt the Andrew County Museum, groups have the opportunity to explore our exhibits through self-guided activities and uniquely themed programs. Field trips are offered to interested groups, such as Kindergarten through 12th grade students,
homeschooled students and other organizations or groups.

For information please contact the education department directly by email,, or by phone, 816-324-4720.

Advanced reservations are required for field trips; Andrew County Museum cannot guarantee an educational visit to groups arriving without a reservation.

School Scavenger Hunt

Andrew County Museum can provide one of two scavenger hunt activities for groups: an electronic hunt or a paper-based hunt (clipboards and pencils provided). These hunts are not intended to be assignments, but rather a tool to help students focus on the content of the museum exhibits and to spur discussion in their chaperoned groups.

While some groups are able to complete the scavenger hunt in one hour, some do not – and this is just fine! We hope that the scavenger hunts provide a jumping-off point, that students become engaged and return to the museum with friends or family, spending extra time with the exhibits.